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About TVOM

At TV Overmind, we’re looking for editors who are excited about our content, eager to contribute ideas, and skilled and helping to guide writers to improve their craft. TV Overmind is a diverse and inclusive team and welcome individuals of all backgrounds to share their words with the world, and we want to ensure that all members or our team feel safe and cared for, whether in everyday communications or when receiving constructive criticism.


  • Edit Articles About Movies, TV, & More: You’re here because you love TV, movies, and the people that make those things happen. At TV Overmind, we want you to help our writers make their voices heard by seeing how a piece could be improved, either with larger changes, or some simple smoothing.
  • Aid In Content Planning: As part of the editorial team, you’ll help us to develop our wider content plan. Working with the rest of the team, you’ll help us to find areas that would be great to cover and come up with ideas for writers to develop into the articles that appear on the site.
  • Optimize Articles & Meta-Data For SEO: SEO and Meta-Data are few people’s favorite parts of article writing and editing – but they’re essential to making sure that our writers’ hard work gets in front of the right eyeballs. We are able to provide training and guidance on these elements, but they are a fundamental part of being an editor for TV Overmind.


  • Previous Experience: We’re looking for people with a proven ability in writing and/or editing. We’re happy to help train in some regards, but would like to see established work history in one or both roles. If you’ve worked as a writer or editor elsewhere, tell us all about it! Not got that experience yet? Please consider applying to the Freelance Writer role, and we can look towards long-term development.
  • Excitement: As well as experience writing and/or editing, we’re looking for editors who are enthusiastic about the content that we’re creating and are eager to help our writers share thoughts, opinions, and ideas about that content.
  • Empathy: The happiness of our team is crucial to us. It’s never fun to receive feedback or be asked to fix something, and TV Overmind editors must be able to provide criticism in a constructive and empathetic manner.
  • Attention To Detail: Editing is about the larger story and structure of the piece, but also about catching those smaller errors, both factual and typographical.
  • Knowledge About New & Classic Media: Accuracy is key, so we’re looking for writers who know about the strange lore behind some of our favorite content (or at least are willing to find out through research). How old is Gandalf? What is the Council of Reeds? Why is Jarro the best comic-book sidekick?

What We Offer

  • Hourly Pay: The Part-Time Editor role is for 10-30 hours a week, with a weekly average agreed upon when you start and subject to change if need be.
  • Create Your Own Schedule: We’re an international organization, so there’s no expectation of any individual being active in a particular window within their timezone. As long as deadlines are met, you remain in communication during your work periods, and you track your hours, you’re free to work whenever you’d like!
  • A Safe & Supportive Space: Our editorial team are from all walks of life and we want TV Overmind to be a safe and inclusive space for all where people are happy and feel comfortable reaching out.

Other Positions

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TV Overmind is looking for freelance writers who are excited to write about great TV shows, movies, and the things that make them so good.

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