Top 20 Young Angelina Jolie Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Top 20 Young Angelina Jolie Photos You’ve Never Seen Before
Top 20 Young Angelina Jolie Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s most renowned actresses. She’s a Hollywood icon, a household name, and an extraordinary filmmaker. Other than her outstanding acting skills and filmmaking talent, Jolie is also famous for her impressive humanitarian efforts all across the globe. Her charity work and powerful anti-war missions speak louder than words – she’s a true, real-life superhero.

With an incredible acting career spanning over four decades, Angelina Jolie is also one of the most talented and successful actresses in the industry. She’s received numerous accolades during her career and has been named the highest-paid actress multiple times. Coming from a talented family of actors, Jolie was introduced to Hollywood very young. So, now that she built a legacy for herself, it’s interesting to reflect on some earlier moments in her career. Here are the top 20 young Angelina Jolie photos that you’ve probably never seen before.

Rare Family Photos of the Jolie-Voight Family

Angelina Jolie and mother Marcheline Bertrand

Talent runs in the family, and the Jolie-Voight family is no exception. Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975, to actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. She also has an older brother, James Haven, who is also an actor. Jolie owes her out-of-the-world talent and profound beauty to her parents. Unfortunately, Bertrand died in 2007 at the age of 58 after a long-year battle with cancer. This left a huge mark on the actress, who decided to undergo a preventive double mastectomy after learning she had a huge risk of developing breast cancer too.

Jolie-Voights were a powerful family. But sadly, the couple decided to separate in 1976, and Bertrand took full custody of the children. This created an odd family dynamic, especially since Voight left the family to focus on his career. Angelina and her father have had a lifelong turbulent relationship but began working on it after Marcheline Bertrand’s premature death. The following photos of young Angelina Jolie depict their happy family life.

Jolie-Voight Family

Angelina Jolie and father Jon Voight

Young Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

Angelina Jolie’s Early Days as a Model

Young Angelina Jolie Modeling

Before she became a famous actress, Jolie used to be a professional model. But these early attempts never took off, even though she was clearly unbelievably stunning back then as she is now. She began modelling at the age of 16, and photos from modeling era demonstrate her dynamic screen presence; it was obvious that she was destined for greatness. Here are some photos of young Angelina Jolie during her modeling days.

Young Angelina Jolie Modeling

Young Angelina Jolie Modeling

Angelina’s Jolie Has Built an Impressive Career

Top 20 Young Angelina Jolie Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Her acting career started very young, at the age of 16. But it was hard for her to land gigs because of her dark and gothic attitude. She then starred in several music videos, such as Rolling Stone‘s Anybody Seen My Baby. Her first notable roles were in the movies Hackers, Without Evidence, Cyborg 2, and Gia. Over the years, Jolie rose to stardom slowly but surely. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Role in the movie Girl, Interrupted. She started being wildly praised for her acting skills and touching performances. Her most famous movies include Tomb Raider, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Good Shepard, Kung Fu Panda, Changeling, The Tourist, Wanted, and more. Here are some photos of young Angelina Jolie from her earliest projects.


Angelina Jolie Gia


Young Angelina Jolie Hackers

Without Evidence:

Angelina Jolie Without Evidence

Her Work as a Humanitarian Is Impactful

Angelina Jolie Unicef

Angelina Jolie has become synonymous with humanitarian work. It all started during the filming of Tomb Raider in war-torn Cambodia when the actress witnessed for the first time the effects of a humanitarian crisis. This was the turning point for her, as she quickly proceeded to enroll in charity work and began visiting refugee camps all across the world. To this day, Jolie has continued fighting for human rights and advocating on behalf of refugees. Here are some rare photos showing young Angelina Jolie in action.

Angelina Jolie humanitarian

Young Angelina Jolie

Rare Photo of Angelina Jolie

Navigating Motherhood as an A-List Celebrity is Not Easy

Angelina Jolie baby Maddox

Shortly after starting her charity work, Jolie decided to adopt her first child from an orphanage in Battambang, Cambodia. In 2001, the actress adopted a cute little baby Maddox and became a single mother. Then, she adopted her second child Zahara Marley from Ethiopia, both of whom were adopted by her then-husband, Brad Pitt. The couple went on to have three children of their own, first Shiloh, then twins Knox and Vivienne. The photos below provide a deeper look into Aneglina Jolie’s personal life as a mother of six.

Angelina Jolie mother

Angelina Jolie’s Personal Life Has Always Been a Source of Media Curiosity

Jonny Lee Miller Angelina Jolie Hackers

Not only is Jolie one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, but she’s also one of the most controversial ones too. She has always been a source of media attention, long before the infamous Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston love triangle. By the age of 30, Jolie was already married twice to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. Both marriages often made headlines, whether because of extreme red carpet PDA or toxic dynamics. Throughout the entirety of her career, Jolie was the talk of the town all around the globe. Here are some photos of young Angelina Jolie from those periods.

billy bob thornton angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie and brother

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