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The Don Chee (White-robe Nuns) of Cambodia

March 27, 2012

The Khmer Rouge forbade Buddhism, defrocked monks and destroyed pagodas or used them as granaries, prisons or execution sites. After the regime was overthrown, women who had lost their husbands and sons began the revival of Buddhism by cleaning the temples. They took on the white robes of Don Chee, Buddhist nuns. Photographer Danielle Lancaster of Bluedog Photography has created a beautiful and moving photo essay on the Don Chee:

[Note: If the above video doesn’t load properly, try going directly to YouTube here.]

Over at A Word in Your Ear, skinnywench has several good posts on her travels in Cambodia, illustrated by excellent photographs,  including Just Another Temple in Cambodia – But Oh Wat a Temple! This temple in the centre of Phnom Penh looks to be full of character, and I regret walking past it and not wandering in, like skinnywench did.

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