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History Recounted From Inside

October 16, 2013

History Recounted From Inside is the headline of a review of Daughter of Independence in Tempo English Edition. The review begins:

The day after he turned ninety-eight my father asked me a question I did not want to answer.’

That opening sentence, heavy with promise, bound me to the book, rendering me unable to put it down till I reached the last page …

Daughter of Independence is a compelling book. Reading it is like visiting a section of Indonesian history through a deeply personal frame.

Tempo is a major news and current affairs magazine in Indonesia. The review is by Dewi Anggraeni, author of many books and the Australian correspondent for Tempo. Anggraeni concludes her review with:

Credit is also due to Bryce Alcock who presents Wenny’s story in such clear, moving prose. His knowledge and understanding of Indonesian culture is obvious without appearing ostentatious. And thanks to the cooperation of Wenny and Alcock we have a biography, a significant part of Indonesian history told in the most accessible manner, and above all, a very good read, all in one book.

Other readers have also said they enjoyed the way Indonesian culture and history is woven into the story of Wenny and her father. Amy, a young Indonesian woman, enjoyed being able to “swim” around in the time of Wenny Achdiat. “It’s not like usual biographies,” she said.

Go to this page for more information about the book, or this link to read the first chapter.

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  1. Ritamay Roberts permalink
    October 17, 2013 9:05 am

    Congratulations, Bryce and Wenny, deserved praise. I, too, am appreciating Wenny’s journey in your articulate, picture and emotion-evoking words ….

    • Bryce permalink*
      October 17, 2013 12:30 pm

      Thanks, Ritamay, I’m glad you’re enjoying the book.

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