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A Passion for Nature

October 14, 2021

Adam Clark (1933-2020) was a grazier, farmer and passionate conservationist.
Shocked by the widespread clearing of land for grazing, he acted to protect the
remnants of native vegetation, which were now crucial habitats for threatened
species. He became the driving force behind the Upper Dawson Branch of the
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.

They faced their greatest challenge when a development boom came to the
Dawson Valley – thousands of coal seam gas wells, huge coal mines and a planned
mega-dam that would destroy wildlife habitats.


AdamClarkAdam and his fellow Wildlife Queensland members began an epic struggle. With
the help of a newly discovered snail, Adclarkia dawsonensis, they prevented
the destruction of the dam. At the same time, Adam pressured the coal, gas and
power companies to minimise harm to the environment. His advocacy saved habitat
and wildlife that would otherwise have been destroyed.

Adam’s many achievements made him a legend in the history of conservation in
Queensland. His story is told in the new book, A Passion for Nature, The
Life of Adam Clark.
The book is beautifully produced and liberally
illustrated with photographs. Contact
for further information.

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